Quiz: How Well Do You Cope with Financial Uncertainty?

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These difficult times can tip anyone’s boat, yet we have to find ways to cope. Take this quiz to see how well you are managing financial uncertainty.

T/F 1. I do my best to focus on the financial stability that exists in my life. It does me no good to obsessively worry about financial hits I’ve taken that I can’t do anything about.

T/F  2. It takes time to get used to diminished circumstances. I accept my feelings and give myself a break.

T/F  3. Fear plays a role in the stock market, and overly contracting as a consumer harms the economy. I invest and spend funds based on facts, not fear.

T/F  4. If I am suffering financially, I am facing the reality of my situation and taking appropriate steps to get back on top.

T/F  5. If I made questionable financial or business decisions, I acknowledged my responsibility, made any necessary amends or corrections, and moved on.

T/F  6. I don’t bury my head in the sand, but I keep my intake of bad news to a minimum.

T/F  7. When I feel anxiety, I talk to someone who doesn’t react to it—a peaceful friend or colleague who reminds me that contentment is possible.

T/F  8. I recognize that hard times breed efficiency and am taking the time to fix those inefficiencies I was putting off.

T/F  9. If I have unwanted downtime from work, I am using it well. I’m taking a class, brushing up my skills, pursuing creative projects or simply getting more rest.

T/F  10. I don’t rely on substitutes for good self-care, such as smoking, drinking, overeating or excessive TV/Internet viewing.

T/F  11. I discharge anxiety through exercise, or dissolve it with yoga or meditation.

T/F  12. To shift a bad mood, I seek healthy diversions, such as time with good friends or light-hearted movies.

T/F  13. I have plans for the future, both personally and professionally. Despite the economy, I’m confident I will thrive.

T/F  14. I seek the opportunities in today’s economic news. They are all around me; I have only to look.

If you answered false more often than true you might want to consider how much it is costing you to buy into any financial uncertainty you’re facing. Please don’t hesitate to call if you’d like to discuss this further. Mobile 0414 511 455 or info@positivegoalsandsolutions.com.au


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