How do I decide what sort of job I should be looking for?

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The first step in finding a new job is deciding what kind of work you want to do. Whether you are currently in work or out of work, does the prospect of your job have you jumping out of bed in the mornings, excited at the mere thought of it?

Make sure you take the time to figure out what kind of work you should be looking for. Too many people start their job seeking campaigns immediately looking for more of what they’ve always done. But if you aren’t excited by the idea of your work, how can you expect to be enthusiastic about chasing up job leads? If you’re passionate about what you want, you’re already halfway to convincing and employer to hire you!

Remember that people who can apply their talents on a daily basis are both more satisfied and more successful in their work than people who can’t.

Here are 3 steps that will help you learn more about yourself;

  • Think about how you and other people would describe you. Understanding your personality traits and the qualities which make you who you are will help you to find work that allows you to be yourself at work.
  • Work out the topics you are interested in and the job sectors that appeal to you.  This will help you to focus your job hunting efforts in line with your interests.
  • Understand that other people are a huge resource. Talk to other people to help you generate ideas for jobs you could do.

Once you have identified your personality traits, qualities and interests write up your mission statement to help you keep focused in your job hunt.

Realise that it’s up to you to put in the hours and effort to land a new job – it isn’t going to happen on its own!

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