How to find your untapped skills

October 27, 2012 | Topics: , , | READ 0 COMMENTS & JOIN THE DISCUSSION

Beauty of CuriosityOne of the reasons people do not achieve fulfilling careers is that only see half of the skills they actually possess. When acknowledging these, most of us choose an even smaller number to develop, leaving a huge area of un-mapped territory.

So how can we bring these undiscovered skills to the surface? Developing a natural curiosity for the world around you will open you up to new possibilities. This is an extremely powerful technique which you will not fully appreciate until you do it. Look at everything around you with fresh eyes.

What sparks your interest? What you do in your leisure time might actually throw up a totally different skill set to the one you use at work. There are often transferable skills here. For example, if you find yourself arranging dinner parties for 10 every week or you find yourself leading a group of friends on a bush walk at the weekend, look at how this might translate to the workplace. What does this say about you?

My challenge to you is to set yourself a goal this week to be curious and open to the world around you and you never know you may receive an unexpected solution to your future career direction.

If you are seeking career assistance please contact Rosie at Positive Goals & Solutions today, for an exploration of what’s possible for you.  Mobile: 0414 511 455

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