How to search for work when the market is quiet

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Traditionally the job market is slow for about four weeks over the Christmas, New Year and summer holiday period. This is great if you’ve been working all year and need to recharge your batteries. However, not everyone is in that position and as we all know the bills continue to accumulate regardless of the time of year. So what can you do to continue your job search?

1. Check your local newspaper. Remember not everyone has a computer or is computer literate and there are still jobs out there that don’t require computer skills so it is still worth your while checking the newspaper.  Also, jobs ads in the paper, particularly on weekdays are often on 3 to 4 lines and ask you to ring or present yourself in person between certain hours.

2. Check the job search websites. Whilst there won’t be as many jobs advertised, there will still positions that come up as a result of resignations. Christmas and New Year are a time of reflection for many people and some make a decision to leave a job during this time.

3. Take time for your own self reflection. If your job search has not been successful to date, ask yourself what you can do differently. Is there something more you can do which is different? It might be something which is foreign or uncomfortable for you and if this is the case, view it as a opportunity to challenge yourself and learn a new skill eg. ringing employers, knocking on doors, joining new groups and networking with others and ASKING FOR A JOB. There is an old saying – “If you don’t ask you won’t get it”. So, what have you got to lose? If this is scary for you, think about it from the employers point of view. The employer needs a new worker quickly, is inundated with resumes and you come along personally and ask for work. You present well and demonstrate you have good language skills. What do you think the employer’s reaction would be? Well I’d say you’d definitely be increasing your chances of gaining an interview.

4. Plan your job search strategy for the new year. What gaps are there in your knowledge and what employers want? Do you need some training to update your skills and knowledge? Do you have computer skills? Can you apply for jobs online? Can you upload your resume and cover letter? Does you resume and cover letter reflect how your skills will be of benefit to the employer? If you are unsure about any of these, then add them to your plan for 2013 and find out how to get assistance so that you can continue forward with your job search.

If you are seeking career assistance please contact Rosie at Positive Goals & Solutions today. Mobile: 0414 511 455

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