What is Your Career Strategy for this year?

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Picture yourself one year from now. It’s January and you have just had your most successful year so far. What do you see?
New job? Promotion? New business venture?

Over ambiguous goals are never achieved, so it is really important to spend some time analysing what you want most from your career over the next 12 months.
To start this process, find yourself a quiet place and write down some initial ideas. It may help to get outside of your everyday surroundings for this. Perhaps the local park or the Botanic Gardens – wherever you are able to focus on yourself and think creatively.

mistakes in setting goals

Once you have done this it is time to add a framework to what you would like to do which can be done using the following steps:

1. Write a clear statement of what you desire most. Your notes should give you a good overview of what you hope to achieve this year. Now you need to narrow your statement down into one, actionable sentence. For example, “This year I will get a job as a research assistant in microbiology.”

2. Outline the playou’re going to use to reach your goal. Don’t be intimidated by the word ‘plan’. A plan is nothing more than a list of activities arranged by priority and sequence. You might choose to draw up a spread sheet either by hand or on the computer (whatever is easier) and place your action items vertically in the first column. Then list the months of the year horizontally across the top. As you achieve a goal, mark the column where they meet with an “x”. This is a very simple and visually effective way of measuring and watching your progress.

3. Set a time when you intend to reach your goal. If you want to extend your spread sheet, create separate pages for each month at the bottom and file all of your objectives according to when you want to achieve them. To use the example above, if it’s your goal to become a research microbiologist, you’ll want to observe a few people in that role and incorporate the best of their behaviours while adding a few of your own. Add the other things you need to do to reach your goal. For example, courses you might need to do to ensure your skills are current, research all the industries and businesses who employ microbiologists, approach them for any vacancies, find out what they need etc.

4. Review and update your plan frequently. This isn’t something you create and file away. Your career strategy should be a working, breathing document. I review my plan constantly, and I’m always making adjustments based on new goals or information. Not only does this keep me focused on the right things, but it’s extremely convenient to have where I’m going, how I plan to get there, and when I want to arrive all in one place.
Now, what is your career strategy for this year?

Rosie Coppin, the Energizer Coach, helps people who want to make changes in their life – whatever they may be. Ready to take control of your life but not sure how to start? Contact Positive Goals & Solutions today for an exploration of what’s possible for you. Mobile: 0414 511 455

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