Update your resume – Drop the Objective and replace it with substance!

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If you haven’t done so already it’s time to drop the “Objective” statement from your resume. Why you might ask? Well there is a widely held view that an Objective statement is outdated in today’s job market, and can be a negative when presenting a resume for opportunities.

Consider these comparisons…


Opportunities to utilize my seven years of Human Resources experience to help an organisation successfully implement change in employee development, training, benefits and recruitment.


Office Administrator

Office professional with 7 years experience in employee records, policies and recruiting. Created and maintained databases, handled performance issues, administered employee benefits. Knowledgeable about health insurance terminology, and payment requirements. Works well in a team environment, with varied responsibilities and a fast pace.


To become an Architectural or structural CAD Designer in a consulting or contracting firm that will provide a rewarding yet challenging work environment.



Master AutoCAD designer with 24 years experience in translating customer needs to architectural designs. Excellent communication skills and customer focus. College degrees in construction engineering, cabinet making, woodwork and general drafting.

Contrasts can be seen in each of these comparisons. Note that the “Objectives” are primarily about what the job seeker hopes to find. While a company would like to find someone who’s goals match the position being advertised, their primary focus is to hire someone who brings the skills and culture fit to effectively fulfill the job requirements and achieve the company’s goals. The individuals own goals are secondary, and it is up to the candidate to evaluate the fit with the opportunity.

Using a header that states your field of expertise helps the employer immediately recognise whether they are looking at a resume of someone who has the right background. Using columns of words or short phrases can communicate several key points in a quick glance. Allowing the employer the ability to digest more information quickly is the best way to getting them to see the match to the advertised position.

Short sentences, keywords, and phrases are always more effective at communicating a lot of information quickly than run-on sentences or paragraphs. But, never sacrifice substance for being brief. Make sure you spend time working out what is most important to convey to the employer and say it in as few words as you can.

In today’s job market, the most effective resume will tell the employer what you can do for them.…..not what you want. So drop the objective and customise your resume for each job application.

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