Embracing Change

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Embrace ChangeHave you ever had a difficult decision to make, and instead of trusting your instincts, you analyzed, contemplated, researched and pondered until you felt so paralyzed with uncertainty and doubt that you couldn’t take any action at all?

Admittedly, there are times when we all get stuck and need a little push.

Fortunately, life is constantly changing, and although you may feel stuck at times, things around you continue to move forward.  And that movement can be just enough to push you in the right direction to get you back on track, and back into action.

When times come that you feel stuck (and they will), here are some simple tips to help you ride the wave until you are ready to get back into action.

1.     Let go.

When you are scared, you probably tense up, and that tension causes you to freeze. Let go and trust that life is conspiring with you, and not against you.

2.     Keep an eye out for the signs.

Once you start accepting the changes that come your way, you will be presented with many choices…trust your instincts and go with what feels right.

3.     Create movement.

When all else fails, evaluate your options, choose a course of action, and take a step in that direction. After all, insanity is defined as “doing the same thing but expecting different results.” So if you’re feeling frozen, just DO SOMETHING…and see where it takes you.

What can YOU do to embrace change TODAY? 

Rosie Coppin, the Energizer Coach, helps people who want to make changes in their life – whatever they may be. Ready to take control of your life but not sure how to start?
Contact Positive Goals & Solutions today for an exploration of what’s possible for you. Mobile: 0414 511 455

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