Bringing Humour to the Workplace

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The physical benefits of laughter are well documented. Laughter decreases stress hormones, boosts the immune system and raises the heart rate, bringing more blood and oxygen to the brain. It also increases the level of alertness and memory as well as the ability to learn and create.

Benefits for the Office
It makes sense that all that extra brain power and relaxation would lead to enhanced performance at work. But laughter has other benefits around the office, which include:

Stronger Teams. Laughter breaks down barriers, builds relationships and allows for better communication among coworkers. People with a sense of humour often have the ability to deal effectively with people and work issues, and they keep the severity of problems in perspective.

Humour also enhances collaboration and team-building, creating a climate in which people feel motivated, energized and ready to contribute. You could say that the group that plays together stays together.

Happier Workers. Laughter reduces workplace stress, and breaks up boredom and fatigue. Happier, more relaxed workers are able to better focus on tasks, make fewer errors and are more

happy workers

productive. They also stick around longer, are absent less and don’t burn out.

Humour also helps to minimize resistance to change. It’s a good defense against the stress of reorganising, downsizing, outsourcing and other sometimes unsettling workplace trends.

How to Bring Humour to Work

Creative Problem-Solvers. Humour unleashes creativity and divergent problem-solving. For example, good jokes guide us down one path only and then suddenly track us onto another with the punch line. This breaks the habits of our thinking and leads to increased creativity.

Injecting humour into the workplace is not about entertaining others. It’s not pranks, practical jokes or juvenile antics. Instead, it’s more of an attitude, a way of viewing and processing things. Here are a few tips for bringing more humour into your work life:

Look for humour. The more you look, the more you’ll find and receive. Try to see things from an out-of-the-ordinary perspective.

Collect humour. Start a funny file with cartoons, jokes, comic strips and stories. Set aside a portion of your office or desk as a “humour corner.”

Laugh at yourself. Whatever your title or role at work, laughing at yourself encourages trust and good will.Encourage laughter in your office. Establish a humour bulletin board, keep a prop box, play games, encourage humour breaks.

Use humour every day. Add humour to presentations, performance evaluations, meetings, in memos, newsletters and emails, and at parties and recognition events.

Keep humour appropriate for the office. Never poke fun at anyone in a subordinate position and don’t deprecate a person’s beliefs or background. There is plenty of wonderful, clean humour out there.

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