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DecisionsThere’s a great old song by the group The Lovin’ Spoonful with the line that asks “Did you ever have to make up your mind…say ‘yes’ to one, and let the other one ride?” While the song laments the need to choose between two girls, choosing one thing and letting another go is a common predicament of everyone’s life.

Considering your choices is the easy part of making a decision. The hard part comes when you have to make up your mind and move in one direction at the expense of another, often while moving into the unknown.  After all, if we KNEW the outcome, the decision would be much easier, right?

For many people, “buyer’s remorse” enters into the picture when the choice they made was not a clear and convincing decision, perhaps due to a quick timeframe or insufficient information.

So how do you minimize buyer’s remorse so you can feel more confident about your decisions?

  1. Get as much information as you can in the amount of time you have.
  2. Write a pros/cons list.  While this is an old trick, it’s still tried and true.
  3. Get quiet to listen to your instinct, the universe, God or your source (whichever is best for you).
  4. Seek the counsel of others you trust. Don’t listen to the naysayers or people who are not credible in the area of your concern.
  5. Realize that MOST things are not irrevocable.
  6. Immediately lock in on the benefits of your decision.  Don’t focus on what’s wrong (because nothing is perfect). Focus on what’s right.
  7. Affirm how your decision is moving you toward your ultimate goal.
  8. Decide, commit and go for it!  Commitment means that once your decision is made, you “go with it” and make the best effort you can to ensure success.

Isn’t it true that you lose more sleep over decisions you haven’t made, than decisions that have been made with conviction?

What decisions have you been putting off that you can make today?

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