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  • Obstacles Make You Stronger

    Here’s the difference between people who get what they want, and people who don’t: People who get what they want persevere through obstacles and challenges until they’ve reached their goal. In other words, they don’t give up. It sounds so simple, and yet you would be surprised how many people stop at the first sign that […]

  • Top 10 Ways to Handle Adversity

    We’ve all experienced difficult times in our work or home lives, often through events and circumstances outside our control. But like great trees, humans grow stronger when exposed to powerful winds. Here are 10 suggestions for dealing with the hard times when they happen.  1. Take responsibility. Assume an “I can do something” attitude rather […]

  • Finding Opportunity in Difficult Times. How Exactly Do You Do That?

    “Oh dear!” cried Chicken Little, “the sky is falling. I must go tell the king.” The expression “the sky is falling” has become synonymous with a person jumping to an irrational conclusion and working everyone they meet into a panic. It can be argued that this is happening with the current economic situation—the public is […]

  • Conflict Can Be a Creative Force

    Conflict is as natural to the human experience as thunderstorms are to springtime. When left unchecked, conflict can generate heat and discomfort, disrupt interactions and destroy relationships. Between a couple, discord can lead to divorce. Between countries, hostilities can lead to war. But when differences are openly acknowledged and addressed, conflict can be a powerful […]

  • Coping with Change

    The world seems to be changing at an extraordinary pace. We get used to the way things are, and then they shift. That change can be unsettling; even positive change can throw us for a loop. As soon as something nudges us out of our regular routine, or challenges our understanding of how the world […]

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