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  • How to reinvent your career in 9 easy steps

    Are you an employee, business owner or manager who suddenly finds it necessary to reinvent your career due to the economy, a lay off or going out of business? Or, do these uncertain times simply inspire you to make a change? If so, you may wonder if you can make a fresh start without having […]

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  • Life’s Choices Aren’t All Easy, But They Are All Yours

    Life is about making choices.  Imagine fronting up to the counter at your local ice creamery and asking the server for “whatever you think I’d like.” Of course you wouldn’t do that. With a veritable rainbow of ice cream flavours tempting you, making a choice might be difficult, but you’d do it. “Give me Cherries Jubilee […]

  • Embracing Change

    Have you ever had a difficult decision to make, and instead of trusting your instincts, you analyzed, contemplated, researched and pondered until you felt so paralyzed with uncertainty and doubt that you couldn’t take any action at all? Admittedly, there are times when we all get stuck and need a little push. Fortunately, life is […]

  • You Can Have Whatever You Are Willing To Work For

    There’s a lot of talk these days about manifestation. The popular thought is that if you imagine what you want, and focus on it hard enough, it will “magically” appear without any further effort on your part.  While it is important to set your goals and envision your ideal life, nothing is going to happen […]

  • Using the STAR Technique to answer interview questions

    Job interviews can take many different forms and may be unstructured or structured in their format. A current favoured approach is the competency based interview which is often used in large organisations and the public sector. This type of interview is designed to make the job application process as objective as possible by removing any conscious […]

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