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  • The Courage to be Authentic

    While security may appear to be the absence of change, the only genuine security lies in taking risks. What could be riskier than diving out of an airplane or climbing a glacier-covered peak or accelerating a race car into a curve at the Clipsal 500? For one person it might be quitting a secure, well-paying […]

  • Quiz: Are You Sabotaging Yourself?

    Habitual lateness.  Extreme disorganisation. Not following up sales leads. Self-sabotage takes on a variety of guises and affects people of all ages, professions and economic levels. But it always leads to our not living the life we want for ourselves. Take this Self-Quiz to see whether you might be working against yourself in some areas. […]

  • Handling Adversity: You’re Stronger Than You Think

    Catastrophic events like the earthquake and tsunami in Japan, the earthquake in New Zealand, the cyclone and floods in Queensland, NSW and Victoria as well as the Western Australian bushfires can knock us to our knees. But personal adversities can pack an equally powerful punch. Our partner is diagnosed with cancer, our child has a […]

  • I have recently been made redundant after working for the same company for 25 years and don’t know where to start. Can you help me???

    Yes we can. Being made redundant can be devastating, especially if you are totally unprepared for it. One of the hardest aspects is dealing with a loss of self confidence and self-esteem, even if the retrenchment was not entirely unexpected. Feelings of shock, loss, shame, insecurity, disappointment, helplessness, fear and anger are all natural reactions […]

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