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  • Bullying on the Job

    Say the word “bully,” and most people imagine a childhood playground and stolen lunch money. As traumatic as childhood bullying can be, workplace bullying can have an even bigger impact on the psychological and physical health of the victim. It also adversely affects other employees, the organization as a whole and that all-important bottom line. […]

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  • 4 Tips for Being a Great Conversationalist

    If you sometimes find it difficult to make conversation with others – especially strangers – here are 4 tips that will put you more at ease: 1. Be fully engaged – Being fully engaged involves incorporating these powerful communication skills: Be genuinely interested – When you are interested in people, they know it. Good conversationalists […]

  • Six Effective Communication Tips

    Good communication skills can be a tremendous asset in all aspects of your life. How can you improve your communication skills? The following tips can help you to communicate more clearly. 1. Look for Verbal/Non-Verbal Contrasts Check to see if the other person’s words match their nonverbal gestures. Research indicates that when words fail to […]

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