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  • Owning Your Success

    Ever notice that some people always have an excuse for their failures? The economy is bad, the weather isn’t cooperating, or there isn’t enough time. Whatever the challenge and however things turn out, they always have an excuse. The problem with this kind of thinking is that if you never own your failures, you can […]

  • Obstacles Make You Stronger

    Here’s the difference between people who get what they want, and people who don’t: People who get what they want persevere through obstacles and challenges until they’ve reached their goal. In other words, they don’t give up. It sounds so simple, and yet you would be surprised how many people stop at the first sign that […]

  • 4 Ways to Make Deposits into Your Confidence Bank Account

    It’s all too easy to overlook the wonderful things about ourselves when the world is constantly pointing out the things that are not. It’s important for us to be in charge of our own ‘confidence bank account’ and to make many deposits so we do not become overdrawn when the world makes withdraws. Additionally, we […]

  • Behaviours of Confident People

    Confidence is one of the most admired traits in people. But how can we recognize the behaviours associated with confidence so that we can learn to behave in these ways as well? Consider the following behaviours that can mark a confident person. A confident person… Believes in their own abilities, talents and strengths, and is […]

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