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  • Remember Your True Goals

    In today’s fast paced world, it is easy to spend an entire day answering emails, reading reports, fielding phone calls, and still feeling like you didn’t get much done. In order to make progress toward your goals and not just spend all your time managing mindless minutia, you must be able to prioritize your tasks […]

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  • What is a Vision?

    A vision begins in your heart and formulates in your mind. It becomes something imagined that you would like to make real for your life. Ideas turn into intentions and a desire to make something happen in your life that is better in some way then what exists for you now. And there is no […]

  • Goal Setting Matters

    Athletes set goals to win competitions. Students set goals to graduate. Business owners set goals to increase revenue.   From everyday “to-do” lists to New Year’s Resolutions, goal setting is part of the human experience. People have always needed something to strive for—something upon which to focus energy and effort. So, if goal setting is […]

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